Our business legal services attorneys have the background and skill to assist companies, management, and employees weigh risks that are faced in the modern economy. The scientific training of our lawyers as well as their long experience is a guarantee of the quality of the legal services provided through Novecon Consultants. We assist our business clients in numerous legal issues, such as: business financing, business formations, commercial transactions, contract, etc.

Indicative Services

  • Legal support for the drafting of statutes, contracts, leases
  • Brand control and company trademark.
  • Corporate press selection and process of company start-up procedures
  • Drafting a statute
  • Training contracts
  • Compilation of a leasing contract

Negotiation with counterparties on the legal terms of the contracts being drawn upIn co-operation with the rest of the company, we are saving valuable time and costs in order to achieve an efficient and expeditious handling of our assertions.