No matter what business you ‘re in, business is business, and financing and money are critical. I would have made a lot fewer mistakes if I had more schooling in that area. – Daymond John

One of the necessities of starting up any business is a sum of money being invested in your dreams and aspirations. That’s where you allow Novecon Consultants to hop in and take up that role. Fully backing up your business’ expenses you now only have to worry about taking your successes up higher and higher in the market.

What Is the Meaning of Business Finance?

While accounting tracks and organizes your company’s financial information, business finance uses this information to help you manage your money and make your operation more profitable.

Strategic Planning

Business finance is an important tool for strategic planning, providing the financial grounding for your projections and plans.

Finance and Financing

If your business encounters cash flow difficulties, business finance is an important tool for understanding and managing your financing options.


Take advantage of the ability to cover up to 100% of your investment cost for professional equipment and roof against rent payments through the most modern line of leasing products for:

Sale and Lease-back

Direct Leasing

Leasing (Asset Finance)



In combination with bank financing or equity, we look at the possibility of using specific funding programs from European Investment Bank, NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) .Fill in the FORM and we’ll give you a brief report on which program you can use.


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