Our aim is to help our clients explore new ideas while utilizing financial funding programs such as the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) and the new Investment Law in order to get financial funding for the implementation of their development projects.

Personal Banking

As you go through life, your financial needs and priorities change. We can support you at every stage with banking products and services.

Start up Coaching

We understand how daunting starting your own business can be, that’s why we’ll give you an account manager to support you so you can spend less time worrying about your banking and finance, and more time building your business.

Grants and Funding

We assist you in identifying activities that may attract incentives and / or grant funding.  We are specialized in providing advice on how to access these programs and the grant application process as well as how to implement strategies in providing funds for funding grants where necessary.


It is a unique platform for startups, and companies which matches their deals with targeted and compatible investors. We maximize the number of potential investors which matches with your deal, minimize the cost in relation of traditional capital raise. Finally, we provide a quick feedback for free or for very low cost. =>Novecon.fund


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Business Club

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