Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandela

Allow our trusted team and employees to take up the reigns of your business (es) and rest assured you are leaving your most prized possessions in the hands of equipped, skilled and crafty handymen. Find below 3 ways of collaboration with Novecon:

Start up business plan

  • Executive summary and introduction to the business
  • An overview of industry, customers and market
  • Competitor analysis
  • 2 Year Financial projections including a Profit & Loss and Cash Flow

Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Executive summary and introduction to the business
  • Historical Data that goes into your finances as well as highlighting key achievements and failures which an investor will want to see
  • Detailed Sales Process outlining the key steps required for a sale to go through and the resources and cost of sales associated.
  • A detailed look at your industry including full market research including a Market SWOT analysis.
  • An insight into your target market with key facts about each target market.
  • Competitor analysis
  • 3 Year Financial projections including a Profit &Loss and Cash Flow

Monthly monitor

  • Financial Plan: The financial plan details the sales and expenses that we expect your business to have. It takes into consideration historical data if available.
  • Summary Business Plan: This collates the data in a summarised format, providing an annual overview while collecting the monthly information available within the financial model and presenting the figures as a quick reference overview.
  • Assumptions: All assumptions are applied concurrently and monthly in the model being adaptable to projected changes in future months.

Fill in the Business Plan Checklist below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.